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Don't let the cold air in! Keep your house warm during winter with the Twin Draft Guard. Why is the Twin Draft Guard a household must-have? Seal your House - Seal your house during winter with the Twin Draft Guard. Your house will remain warm even when there's a snowstorm outside. The Twin Draft Guard will also keep dust and odors from entering your house.

Use on all Doors and Windows - The Twin Draft Guard is easily adjusted to fit your doors and windows. Just measure and cut according to the size of your doors and windows.

Easy to Install - No need to replace your doors and windows! Just slip on the Twin Draft Guard under your doors and windows and it fits perfectly. When you need to clean it, just slip it out, clean it, and slip it back on.

Product Specifications:
Length: 90cm.
Color: Brown.
Package Includes: 1 x Twin Draft Guard.