Magic Cane
Magic Cane
Magic Cane
Magic Cane

Magic Cane

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Walking Stick with LED flashlight.
Non slip T handle with light, can directly point forward 20 meters.
Freely adjust to different illumination angles, usually used in night or dark environment.
Handle with sponge, decrease the hand pressure.
Made of Aluminum alloy, stable pivoting quad base can ensure your safety and stability whatever angle.

Material: Aluminum alloy.
Color: Black.
Length: 83-93cm.
Folding size: 29*17cm.
Diameter: 2cm.
Adjustable height: 82-93.5cm.
Handle length: 17.5cm.
Base size: 9.5cm.
LED brightness: 55-65W.
Suitable height rang:150-190cm.
Weight support:100-120kg.
Package Include: 1 x Folding LED Light Safety Walking Stick.